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Exhibition at Arab world institute

The main objective of Arab world institute is to advertise the culture and knowledge of Arab world. In Arab world institute, every year exhibitions are held that shows the diversity and potential of Arab world. Some of the exhibitions focus on the history of this region and other shows the culture. Some of the exhibitions over here are also on the societal themes such as Hajj or the link between east and west. Great emphasis is placed on the education, that must appeal to everyone of every age and background.

This is the place of conversation, sharing many things and exhibitions. It was built on the objective to promote the Arab culture in France and to enhance the relationship between France and the Arab world.

In the exhibitions, you can discover the Islamic Arab civilization, from the start till now. The museum in it focuses on the Arab world before Islam, Arab Islamic world now and expansion of Islam in countries.

This institute was built to aware the France people about the Arab culture. This building has beautiful view and architecture that you have never seen before. It has meeting rooms, library, museum, and offices. A huge building with wonderful architecture.

Many different exhibitions on themes are conducted over here. Many people come to visit this place and to see, experience the exhibition.

Exhibition in Arab world institute about the Seafaring adventures:

Accompany by the mythical Sinbad the Sailor, who sailed on the deep sea routes from Mediterranean to Indian ocean. The Arab world institute is devoting the exhibitions to the raiders of the sea. The exhibition will take us to the time of morca polo to Sinbad,leads us to Mediterranean to Indian ocean.

Combined with images and sound the visitors can see and experiences exceptional mesmeric journey.

In this exhibition, the visitors were introduced to the hero of Arabian nights and also to the terrifying world of the sea. The maritime was a divine and real effort, and this is authenticated by the traveler Ibn Jubayr, who describe the sinking of the vessel and the storm.

Sailor has to first learn about the sea before sailing. Visitors come to see exhibition can also learn about sailing and how to use the instruments.

The scenography exhibition divided into three sections, the first visual itinerary, it is integrated by many cartographic references. The major diaries created a theme and displayed in various rooms.

In the Arab world,Institute forecourt stands the majestic sailboat, rounding the exhibition journey.

Thousand and one-night exhibition:

The exhibition was full of love and battles, carpet and genius. The exhibition examines the folk tale roots and its influence on the west. The show at Arab world institute through an artifact,artwork show the journey of their origin to Indian in Persian to translation into Arabic.

The thousand and one night cast a spell on the theater, art, fashion, cinema and photography.

The wooden door and light lamp of the Egypt of 15th century help to recreate the settings of tales.


Smarter ways of how charities to donate to

Firstly check your income and expenditure and then decide what you can afford to give to the charity. Giving something to the charity is always better than giving nothing. But be careful about your budget. You should donate, but that doesn’t mean at the end of the year you want money to fulfil your own needs. Which charities to donate tois a somehow difficult task, but you can do by searching and direct calling to different charities.

Which type of charity you want to give:

Determine that which type of charity you want to donate. Start thinking about your own values. Want to support local or international causes? Think that whether your money will be used effectively or not. After thinking all about this. Do search about the charities that are tuned to your goals.

Consider donating overseas:

The amount of money can do between charities and locations. Donating money in developing country can help them a lot. This doesn’t mean you don’t support local charities, but donating in these countries, you will be satisfied that your donation is in the right place where people need it and also the satisfaction that you donate overseas. If you are helping in your country where $100,000 is needed to put the student in the school if this money donated oversea can help to save 30 people lives. Good idea of overseas charities to donate to.

Give donation together with your friends and family:

By collectively giving, you can make more impact. Have a chat with your friends and family to which charities to donate to and then collect all resources and donate to the charity.

Investigate about the charities to donate to:

Look for the charities that are supported by the large organizations and companies. These large organizations and companies spend a large amount of time and energy in investigating deserving charities. Search on the websites of the charitable organization and look which charities they have donated. It your interest is matched with them, then go ahead and donate to those charities. These would be best charities to donate to. In this way, less effort is done in investigating.

Call them for information:

You can call them for the information and than decide on which charities to donate to. Charities are happy to share their information and financial reports. You can ask them to give you their financial report so you can have a full picture of their objective. If, any charity don’t share their information so avoid these charities to donate to.

Licensed or registered organisation:

The charities to donate to must be registered or licensed. Be careful before donating it all the legitimate charities are registered. Ask them to show their registration certificate before donating them.

How much money will spend on the actualcause?

Many charities use more amount on administration and fund-raising than on the actual cause. Ask them before donating that how much they will spend on the actual cause. The best charities to donate to,are the one those spend more money for the cause.

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5 ways to add more people in Facebook Groups for business?


Most people admire groups because they work better than the pages. The pages may be a good front for business, but it is the group that can extract most out of business. There is no business that can outclass the group efficiency. Consider a page and group as two pillars of social media promoting on Facebook. Facebook page requires a lot of investment to increase the page awareness. On the other hand, the group requires a minimum investment.

A person needs to have research and target audience in the profile bit of the profile. He can then add the required group of people on the Facebook group. Inviting a great idea this gives the basic information to the people who need the information. Inviting is the best part of the business.

Holding a giveaway

Giveaway is something that attracts the audience eye. Business sometimes needs a right form of audience plus a huge amount of audience. When a giveaway is in dew people, don’t hesitate to participate in the giveaway. A free winning is always appreciated with a proper competition. Some big business has also started with a giveaway. This gathers the community who needs such product on a platform. Now there would be many who would be eyeing the winning price. But there could be only one winner that means one is a for sure winner, but others are created customer from the giveaway.

Finding relative interest

This means research and lots of it. People who are finding the relative interest go a long way. The keen audience is always carrying the group weight. People who are willing to create business present either in small quantity can help more than the people who present in a lot of quantities. Buy Instagram Likes from here to find relevant people. Relative interest means if a business of books is running having students added in a group will be the perfect combo. Only students will require academic books that are needed in the course. That is interest on a similar level is always appreciated.

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Posting informative posts

The informative posts can be about anything regarding the group genre. Informative groups always get a huge number of people request to enter in the group. The post should be authentic and regularly updated so people can get advantage from the information. For example, if a group is a car company. The company is about the release a  new model.

Providing this information to the users of the group can do good for them. They can save money to buy a new and better model. They can decide which model to go for rather than sticking towards the old model.

Sharing the required info

Sometimes a group of business doesn’t always share the info how they are doing it. Sharing the key information can always earn respect from the group members. Normally any kind of business doesn’t share its information with the people. They don’t share because they don’t want a new competitor on the list. That is why if information is to be shared that can change or improve anyone business it will only gain the respect.

Travel ideas

Latest Trends and Destinations in traveling

Just like other activities of your life where everything is sudden and you don’t know where things are going, traveling is nothing different from it. You can never comprehend about what is the latest and ongoing trend. Some of the measures are taken in the routine life in order to access this data, but it is not an easy task. There are some of the demographic trends which help in finding out the latest fashion in the industry. With so many followers of this hobby, you can always access what are the modern things you should follow. Here are some of the ongoing trends which are being carried out in these days.

Solo Traveling

After the introduction of travel ideas of Ibn Battuta companies which are for the women only, you can see a considerable increase in the number of women traveling alone. This trend is really prevailing but specifically, solo women travelers are more in number. Now the travel companies are trying to make the personal practices more interesting. People get more enriched experiences. The services are really increasing on the individual basis. The level of personal satisfaction is being increased in routine.

Self-service by becoming your own agent

With so much advancement in the technology, people have enough knowledge that they do not require services of any travel agent. The travel agents that were hired in old times do not have much business now. Except for some of the advanced traveling experts who offer state of the art facilities. Many machines are present which will guide you in detail about your traveling research. Proper calculated and precise information is given to you with a simple interface. You can make bookings, reservations and know about all the necessary details without any problem.

“Bleisure” Boom travel ideas

People mix various trends and two of them are the business and leisure trends. Both these trends are mixed in the single terminology of Bleisure. When the organization takes its employees for trips as benefit package that is the mixture of both business and leisure trips. In these trips family members of people are also invited to improve the pleasure of the experience. People are not officially on the job and in an entirely different culture, they need someone close to them so that they can enjoy in a much better way. This trend is becoming really popular because of diversity and enjoyment it offers. Some of the initiatives are taken to promote this trend.

Trend of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is the concept which is originated due to the eco-friendly and changing nature of human beings. People want to have supportable options for traveling by putting less burden on themselves and the hosts. The experience increases and you practice something really different. Especially when people visit remote locations they are more thoughtful about their carbon footprints. By taking all these initiatives, people are saving the resources and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. People contribute to the environment in a positive manner by leaving less impact on the atmosphere.


Six development plans are confirmed to be finalized by the Urban Agency in Casablanca

The board of directors of the Urban Agency of Casablanca held a meeting regarding the finalization of the planned development projects in the different areas of the city. Three plans are still under development before landing in front of the local technical committee or CTL namely Echellalate, Nouaceur and Mejjatia Ouled Taleb. Sidi Belyout, Mechouar and Médiouna are being examined by the local technical committee chaired by the Urban Agency.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the city of Casablanca as Morocco’s economic and business capital can take advantage the ongoing and upcoming development plans to boost its standing in the international market. Foreign investments will flow as the services, and business opportunities will be improved. With the plans on the table for approval, the chosen areas will also have the opportunity to improve their tourism industry by promoting and encouraging more visitors to experience the developments that have been accomplished.

The members of the local technical committee include the wali or the governor of the prefecture or the province concerned; the director of the Urban Agency, the presidents of the professional chambers, the representatives of the urban planning and provincial departments and the National Defense Administration. According to the regulation, all members of the committee must validate these plans before submitting them to the public inquiry and the deliberation of the municipal council. This process will run for about two months.

In terms of area, the coverage rate by the development plans will be 96% for the prefecture of Casablanca; 77% for the prefecture of Mohammedia; 83% for the province of Nouaceur; and 55% for the province of Médiouna. According to an architect, the course through the community is compulsory, but its opinion is not decisive. After the examination of the citizens’ requests by a central commission chaired by the Ministry of Town Planning, the draft plan is approved and published by decree.

Sidi Hajjaj Oued Hassar’s development plan is the last one to have been endorsed by the committee. It is also approved and therefore becomes effective against third parties. Three development plans are to be finalized for transmission to the CTL. They are Sidi Belyout, Mechouar and Mediouna. They have not gone through the process for about two years.The development plans are the urban planning documents, drawing on the urban planning master plan, which defines the right to use land within the territories to which they apply. They are still very much anticipated by real estate developers.

Among the thirty-six management plans drawn up since 2010, 30 development programs have entered into force to date which equals to 80% of the Urban Agency of Casablanca’s intervention area. The development plan covers the following areas: Hay Mohammadi, Sidi Moumen, Ain Sebâa, Sidi Moussa, Moussay Rachid, Sidi Moussen, Sidi Othmane, Sbata, Ben M’Sick, Ain Chock, and the development and maintenance of the old Medina.

Furthermore, Mohammedia, El Mansouria, Ouled Saleh, Dar Bouazza, Lahraouiyine, Ouled Azzouz, Ben Yekhlef, Bouskoura, Tit Mellil and Ain Harrouda – who also integrate the sector Zenata-, Ain Harrouda Center and finally Sidi Hajjaj Oued Hassar are also covered by the programs.

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