How to register a company in Abu Dhabi

To register your company in Abu Dhabi, there are some necessary steps that have to be followed which are;

  1. To register a company, the first thing to do is that you must have legalized incorporation documents of Mother Company for The UAE embassy
  2. The documents of the company or the parent company should be translated into Arabic, these documents should include
  • Financial statements in case you are opening a branch
  • Board of director’s resolution showing authorization of opening a branch
  • A parent company memorandum of association and certificate of incorporation
  • A power of attorney that should be issued for the owner of the manager of the business
  1. Representative office must have
  • Sign a legal agreement of agency with UAE national
  • Sign a premises lease agreement
  1. If you are hiring some consultancy company to help register your company, then you must submit a license application to the ministry of economy and commerce which should include
  • Agreement of agency
  1. Name reservation certificate which is issued by the DED
  • A lease agreement
  • Passport copy of the general manager of the company
  • A bank guarantee of 13700 dollars is a must which shall be presented I favor of ministry of economy
  1. This application will be forwarded to the ministry to the foreign companies committee to get an approval of your business activity. Then after that by the ministry of economy and commerce, a ministerial license will be issued for your business activity to be started and registered by your company name.
  2. The office or the branch of your company will be added
  • To the economic department’s commercial register
  • To the foreign companies register of ministry of economy and commerce
  • To register of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

These are the necessary steps that have to be met to get your company registered.

Benefits of a company registration in Abu Dhabi

There are many benefits of registering your company in Abu Dhabi some of them are;

  1. If you get your Company Registration in Abu Dhabi than the biggest advantage is that this country owns the major oil reserves and natural gas of the world. It is the major exporter of oil which makes it a wealthy country. It has the capacity to absorb international products, businesses, and services.
  2. The other advantage is that business law is continuously reviewed and an amendment is being made to it by the government of UAE.
  3. The economy of Abu Dhabi is in its growth period and is growing by 7.5 % per anum, which makes it an excellent place for entrepreneurs to start their business.
  4. It is majorly dependent on its oil reserves and is now focusing on the industrial and services sector.
  5. The tourism sector of Abu Dhabi is growing at a very high pace, new restaurants, hotels and amusement parks are being made. It attracts almost 3 million tourists per year, which provides growth in business opportunities for the investors, both local and international.