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Overview of Arab world institute

The Arab world institute is the huge and beautifully designed building. Many people around the discussed this building. It is very popular around the world. Due to its architecture and objective. The Arab world institute was build to show the friendship between the France and Arab states. Both the countries, France and Arab states contribute to building this. They want to show the culture of Arab to people of France. Arab people are living on France soil for so many years, yet France people don’t know much about them. This institute was build to make people aware of the Arab civilization and make friendship strong among the two.

This Arab style building is in Paris, many people visit to see its architecture. The architect who design of the Arab world institute was awarded for its beautiful architecture. He uses the old Arab style and transfersit into modern style. The building is so beautiful to attract every tourist to visit.

The Arab world institute is actually a fusion of two cultures showing their traditions in an innovative way. This institute designed by the jeans host many exhibitions. In the exhibitions, you can see Islamic civilization from starting to till now. They tell stories with sound effects and images that really impress the visitors. Many people from other countries come to attend these exhibitions.

Material and floors:

The building has 9 stories on the north side and 11 stories on the south. Having eleven floors on the top and three underground. The material used in this building is of aluminum and glass. The north, riverside is covered with glass and another side with metal. These two are connected by the bridge.


The Arab world institute museum was changed after 25 years. Now you can also explore the Arab countries pre-Islamic past. This museum also highlights the diversity in cultures, in the languages and beliefs. This is a reflection that how two different people live together.

The change is apparent as you enter the museum when you pass through the gallery that brought to life by the scenes of busy streets and mixing of different sounds.

Seminars in Arab world institute:

Many seminars and conferences are also held in this institute. The people who are curious about the ties between the two, attend these seminars. This institute also has many meeting rooms, Where the cultural meeting is also held. The main objective is to advertise the Arab culture, and policies are made for further development. This is the coolest building Arabic building in the Paris.


This institute also consists a library. This library is full of books related to Arab world cultures and traditions. In the library, you can have books in many languages.

Arab world institute is a reflection of the Arab world in Paris. Anyone want to know about the Arab, can visit this place. It will give you all the knowledge of culture and civilization of Arab world. Many tourist visit this place with the help of travel guide.


Smarter ways of how charities to donate to

Firstly check your income and expenditure and then decide what you can afford to give to the charity. Giving something to the charity is always better than giving nothing. But be careful about your budget. You should donate, but that doesn’t mean at the end of the year you want money to fulfil your own needs. Which charities to donate tois a somehow difficult task, but you can do by searching and direct calling to different charities.

Which type of charity you want to give:

Determine that which type of charity you want to donate. Start thinking about your own values. Want to support local or international causes? Think that whether your money will be used effectively or not. After thinking all about this. Do search about the charities that are tuned to your goals.

Consider donating overseas:

The amount of money can do between charities and locations. Donating money in developing country can help them a lot. This doesn’t mean you don’t support local charities, but donating in these countries, you will be satisfied that your donation is in the right place where people need it and also the satisfaction that you donate overseas. If you are helping in your country where $100,000 is needed to put the student in the school if this money donated oversea can help to save 30 people lives. Good idea of overseas charities to donate to.

Give donation together with your friends and family:

By collectively giving, you can make more impact. Have a chat with your friends and family to which charities to donate to and then collect all resources and donate to the charity.

Investigate about the charities to donate to:

Look for the charities that are supported by the large organizations and companies. These large organizations and companies spend a large amount of time and energy in investigating deserving charities. Search on the websites of the charitable organization and look which charities they have donated. It your interest is matched with them, then go ahead and donate to those charities. These would be best charities to donate to. In this way, less effort is done in investigating.

Call them for information:

You can call them for the information and than decide on which charities to donate to. Charities are happy to share their information and financial reports. You can ask them to give you their financial report so you can have a full picture of their objective. If, any charity don’t share their information so avoid these charities to donate to.

Licensed or registered organisation:

The charities to donate to must be registered or licensed. Be careful before donating it all the legitimate charities are registered. Ask them to show their registration certificate before donating them.

How much money will spend on the actualcause?

Many charities use more amount on administration and fund-raising than on the actual cause. Ask them before donating that how much they will spend on the actual cause. The best charities to donate to,are the one those spend more money for the cause.

Travel ideas

Latest Trends and Destinations in traveling

Just like other activities of your life where everything is sudden and you don’t know where things are going, traveling is nothing different from it. You can never comprehend about what is the latest and ongoing trend. Some of the measures are taken in the routine life in order to access this data, but it is not an easy task. There are some of the demographic trends which help in finding out the latest fashion in the industry. With so many followers of this hobby, you can always access what are the modern things you should follow. Here are some of the ongoing trends which are being carried out in these days.

Solo Traveling

After the introduction of travel ideas of Ibn Battuta companies which are for the women only, you can see a considerable increase in the number of women traveling alone. This trend is really prevailing but specifically, solo women travelers are more in number. Now the travel companies are trying to make the personal practices more interesting. People get more enriched experiences. The services are really increasing on the individual basis. The level of personal satisfaction is being increased in routine.

Self-service by becoming your own agent

With so much advancement in the technology, people have enough knowledge that they do not require services of any travel agent. The travel agents that were hired in old times do not have much business now. Except for some of the advanced traveling experts who offer state of the art facilities. Many machines are present which will guide you in detail about your traveling research. Proper calculated and precise information is given to you with a simple interface. You can make bookings, reservations and know about all the necessary details without any problem.

“Bleisure” Boom travel ideas

People mix various trends and two of them are the business and leisure trends. Both these trends are mixed in the single terminology of Bleisure. When the organization takes its employees for trips as benefit package that is the mixture of both business and leisure trips. In these trips family members of people are also invited to improve the pleasure of the experience. People are not officially on the job and in an entirely different culture, they need someone close to them so that they can enjoy in a much better way. This trend is becoming really popular because of diversity and enjoyment it offers. Some of the initiatives are taken to promote this trend.

Trend of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is the concept which is originated due to the eco-friendly and changing nature of human beings. People want to have supportable options for traveling by putting less burden on themselves and the hosts. The experience increases and you practice something really different. Especially when people visit remote locations they are more thoughtful about their carbon footprints. By taking all these initiatives, people are saving the resources and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. People contribute to the environment in a positive manner by leaving less impact on the atmosphere.

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