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Overview of Arab world institute

The Arab world institute is the huge and beautifully designed building. Many people around the discussed this building. It is very popular around the world. Due to its architecture and objective. The Arab world institute was build to show the friendship between the France and Arab states. Both the countries, France and Arab states contribute to building this. They want to show the culture of Arab to people of France. Arab people are living on France soil for so many years, yet France people don’t know much about them. This institute was build to make people aware of the Arab civilization and make friendship strong among the two.

This Arab style building is in Paris, many people visit to see its architecture. The architect who design of the Arab world institute was awarded for its beautiful architecture. He uses the old Arab style and transfersit into modern style. The building is so beautiful to attract every tourist to visit.

The Arab world institute is actually a fusion of two cultures showing their traditions in an innovative way. This institute designed by the jeans host many exhibitions. In the exhibitions, you can see Islamic civilization from starting to till now. They tell stories with sound effects and images that really impress the visitors. Many people from other countries come to attend these exhibitions.

Material and floors:

The building has 9 stories on the north side and 11 stories on the south. Having eleven floors on the top and three underground. The material used in this building is of aluminum and glass. The north, riverside is covered with glass and another side with metal. These two are connected by the bridge.


The Arab world institute museum was changed after 25 years. Now you can also explore the Arab countries pre-Islamic past. This museum also highlights the diversity in cultures, in the languages and beliefs. This is a reflection that how two different people live together.

The change is apparent as you enter the museum when you pass through the gallery that brought to life by the scenes of busy streets and mixing of different sounds.

Seminars in Arab world institute:

Many seminars and conferences are also held in this institute. The people who are curious about the ties between the two, attend these seminars. This institute also has many meeting rooms, Where the cultural meeting is also held. The main objective is to advertise the Arab culture, and policies are made for further development. This is the coolest building Arabic building in the Paris.


This institute also consists a library. This library is full of books related to Arab world cultures and traditions. In the library, you can have books in many languages.

Arab world institute is a reflection of the Arab world in Paris. Anyone want to know about the Arab, can visit this place. It will give you all the knowledge of culture and civilization of Arab world. Many tourist visit this place with the help of travel guide.

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Exhibition at Arab world institute

The main objective of Arab world institute is to advertise the culture and knowledge of Arab world. In Arab world institute, every year exhibitions are held that shows the diversity and potential of Arab world. Some of the exhibitions focus on the history of this region and other shows the culture. Some of the exhibitions over here are also on the societal themes such as Hajj or the link between east and west. Great emphasis is placed on the education, that must appeal to everyone of every age and background.

This is the place of conversation, sharing many things and exhibitions. It was built on the objective to promote the Arab culture in France and to enhance the relationship between France and the Arab world.

In the exhibitions, you can discover the Islamic Arab civilization, from the start till now. The museum in it focuses on the Arab world before Islam, Arab Islamic world now and expansion of Islam in countries.

This institute was built to aware the France people about the Arab culture. This building has beautiful view and architecture that you have never seen before. It has meeting rooms, library, museum, and offices. A huge building with wonderful architecture.

Many different exhibitions on themes are conducted over here. Many people come to visit this place and to see, experience the exhibition.

Exhibition in Arab world institute about the Seafaring adventures:

Accompany by the mythical Sinbad the Sailor, who sailed on the deep sea routes from Mediterranean to Indian ocean. The Arab world institute is devoting the exhibitions to the raiders of the sea. The exhibition will take us to the time of morca polo to Sinbad,leads us to Mediterranean to Indian ocean.

Combined with images and sound the visitors can see and experiences exceptional mesmeric journey.

In this exhibition, the visitors were introduced to the hero of Arabian nights and also to the terrifying world of the sea. The maritime was a divine and real effort, and this is authenticated by the traveler Ibn Jubayr, who describe the sinking of the vessel and the storm.

Sailor has to first learn about the sea before sailing. Visitors come to see exhibition can also learn about sailing and how to use the instruments.

The scenography exhibition divided into three sections, the first visual itinerary, it is integrated by many cartographic references. The major diaries created a theme and displayed in various rooms.

In the Arab world,Institute forecourt stands the majestic sailboat, rounding the exhibition journey.

Thousand and one-night exhibition:

The exhibition was full of love and battles, carpet and genius. The exhibition examines the folk tale roots and its influence on the west. The show at Arab world institute through an artifact,artwork show the journey of their origin to Indian in Persian to translation into Arabic.

The thousand and one night cast a spell on the theater, art, fashion, cinema and photography.

The wooden door and light lamp of the Egypt of 15th century help to recreate the settings of tales.

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5 ways to add more people in Facebook Groups for business?


Most people admire groups because they work better than the pages. The pages may be a good front for business, but it is the group that can extract most out of business. There is no business that can outclass the group efficiency. Consider a page and group as two pillars of social media promoting on Facebook. Facebook page requires a lot of investment to increase the page awareness. On the other hand, the group requires a minimum investment.

A person needs to have research and target audience in the profile bit of the profile. He can then add the required group of people on the Facebook group. Inviting a great idea this gives the basic information to the people who need the information. Inviting is the best part of the business.

Holding a giveaway

Giveaway is something that attracts the audience eye. Business sometimes needs a right form of audience plus a huge amount of audience. When a giveaway is in dew people, don’t hesitate to participate in the giveaway. A free winning is always appreciated with a proper competition. Some big business has also started with a giveaway. This gathers the community who needs such product on a platform. Now there would be many who would be eyeing the winning price. But there could be only one winner that means one is a for sure winner, but others are created customer from the giveaway.

Finding relative interest

This means research and lots of it. People who are finding the relative interest go a long way. The keen audience is always carrying the group weight. People who are willing to create business present either in small quantity can help more than the people who present in a lot of quantities. Buy Instagram Likes from here to find relevant people. Relative interest means if a business of books is running having students added in a group will be the perfect combo. Only students will require academic books that are needed in the course. That is interest on a similar level is always appreciated.

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Posting informative posts

The informative posts can be about anything regarding the group genre. Informative groups always get a huge number of people request to enter in the group. The post should be authentic and regularly updated so people can get advantage from the information. For example, if a group is a car company. The company is about the release a  new model.

Providing this information to the users of the group can do good for them. They can save money to buy a new and better model. They can decide which model to go for rather than sticking towards the old model.

Sharing the required info

Sometimes a group of business doesn’t always share the info how they are doing it. Sharing the key information can always earn respect from the group members. Normally any kind of business doesn’t share its information with the people. They don’t share because they don’t want a new competitor on the list. That is why if information is to be shared that can change or improve anyone business it will only gain the respect.

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